What is machine vision? What is the advantages machine vision has over other technologies? 

Machine vision is a technology aiding artificial intelligence of adding an eye. The machine vision uses cameras to capture the images of the object and the image gets processed either in a dedicated controller / common processing unit. The machine vision is non-contact type of analyzing any object resulting in more reliability and long operational life. The calibration cycle is very simple if machine vision is used for test and measurement application. 

Why the technology is not so popular in the history despite the advantages and now the technology is being used for everything? 

The advent technological developments in camera speed and processing speed has resulted in more requirements being fulfilled by the technology and the massive production of cameras has started. So the technology is now cost effective and can fulfill the requirements in total. 

How to identify an object whether it is suitable for machine vision? 

Any repetitive process involving human eye contact could be the perfect candidate for the machine vision. Machine vision is getting into more areas where the tasks are complicated. For an example during the landing of aircraft the machine vision system could be used to find whether the aircraft is at perfect angle for landing. 

What is the cost of machine vision system? 

The cost of the system varies between requirements and it is very difficult to price the system cost universally. The percentage of cost component is approximately 60 % for the hardware and 40 % for the software with implementation cost. 

How the lenses are selected? 

The lens selection is based on the working distance, component size, focal length and variations in any of the three. But there are specific thumb rules for the type of lens selection. It is better to use mega pixel lens for the mega pixel camera. Whenever the imaging requires perfection at the edges, better to go for tele-centric lenses or as a thumb rule the measurements using dimension requires tele-centric lenses. 

Are there any considerations for the component to be considered for machine vision? 

Whenever the components are subjected for dimension the component need to be oil free. Even when the component is considered for visual defects it is better to be oil free, but the clear oil on the component surface does not pose problems. 

Any special handling system is required for the machine vision? 

To most of the dimensional cases the answer is Yes. Today’s cameras could be used to capture running component images and the processing power of intelligent devices makes the decision as fast as the component run. So depending upon the application the requirement of handling system varies. 

Why one should consider machine vision instead of having normal laboratory equipment and measuring instruments? 

The machine vision could be used to automate the entire quality process automation resulting in 100% inspection with high speed systems. The involvement of manpower for measuring and identifying defects result in subjectivity and the same could be removed using machine vision. 

What stage the machine vision inspection is appropriate? 

It is better to built systems in the manufacturing process after each stage of production. This avoids the rejection after the value addition. The smart manufacturing system uses vision systems to identify the correctness during the process and reprocess the same component for the correctness. 

Whether security systems also forms part of machine vision system? 

The answer is big ‘No’. The security cameras or commercial digital cameras are not meant to be used in machine vision applications. The reliability and repeatable image quality could only ensure that the system is overall reliable. 

What type of lighting is used in machine vision systems? 

Even though varies types of lightings could be used in machine vision applications the LED’s are becoming more viable in many applications. Metal halide, fluorescent, flash lights, halogen, fiber optics are used in machine vision application. The lighting for machine vision application is very critical part and requires utmost attention..