Bag-In-Box ( BiB) products

System provides 100% defects rejection!  


Inspected BiB Films:

  EVOH Films, METPET Films, LLDPE/MDPE Films


Inspected Taps and Glands:

  Viniflow, ViniTap, Vitop, iTap, SnapCap, White Oil Cap and unlimited number of new Taps and Glands


Detected defects/ measured dimensions:

  -Seal Defects ( width errors, missing parts, pin holes, cold seals, overheted seals)

  -Tap errors (missing parts, wrong shape, tap wrong orientation, tap to gland wrong distance)

  -BiB contaminations

  -BiB dimensions -A, B, C, D, E


 BiB system provides 24/7 records and reporting





Inspection Bag-In-Box

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