About Us

Check In - is a System Integration Company, that develops industrial products Quality Inspection Systems, based on User Specific Machine Vision Solutions
Our Applications for Inspection are fully customizing Machine Vision Systems, according to your needs as a:

-Graphical User Interface
-Industrial Optics
-Industrial Lighting
-Inspection Data analyses and storage
-Remote Control and monitoring and

We offer an efficient Machine Vision solutions for 100% automated Quality Inspection of your produts.

Our Vision Systems can be used throughout the manufacturing process to improve product quality, reduce waste, and enhance brand image:

 #Eliminate defects: With Check In vision, you can inspect 100% of your products, and ensure that your shipments are defect free. 

 #Verify assembly: Using Check In vision can dramatically reduce waste by detecting process errors early, before thousands of items have to be scrapped.

 #Automate production: Check In vision enables more efficient use of manufacturing lines by giving production equipment the ability to automatically locate and identify items. 

 #Track and identify parts: Vision can be used to automate tracking of parts and products by reading 1D and 2D identifying codes. Traceability systems using vision enable greater customization in manufacturing, and can help to verify warranties and reduce risk in the event of a product recall. 

 #Other Applications: Innovative uses for machine vision are emerging in a variety of industries